Generic Condemnation of This Thing That Person Said on Twitter

Words cannot express the outrage I feel after reading this thing that person said yesterday on Twitter. Such comments are a clear betrayal of the principles of Insert Cause Here, as well as being deeply socially irresponsible.

I have already been sufficiently outraged that I’ve had to write a blog post. If I get any more angry I may have to set up a Tumblr.

I am also surprised by the silence of Insert Prominent Tweeter Here over this issue. Their failure to comment on this thing that person said may well be a sign that they secretly agree with them. I tweeted them 20 times repeating the same question in different wordings, and they promptly blocked me. I can’t imagine why. I’ve already posted several tweets expressing glee about having been blocked. Later, I will be engaging in one-upmanship discussions with other tweeters about who we’ve been previously blocked by.

I’m also shocked by the failure of the mainstream media to cover this issue. It’s as if they don’t care about this thing that person said.

I hope you’ll all join with me in getting off the fence and giving your unequivocal condemnations of this thing that person said. I think we can all agree, what they said was worse than the Nazis.





32 thoughts on “Generic Condemnation of This Thing That Person Said on Twitter

  1. That’s not all. I’ve just searched “this thing” on facebook & lots of others are also not commenting. They are obviously to stupid to understand how evil this person and their cromies have become.

    I’m even more outraged about this person than you because I’ve spent even more fruitless hours searching for people who are outraged as well.

    And now you claim to be THE outraged one. I’ve been outraged about this thing ever since I gave up worrying about that thing a few days ago. I have seniority. Back off newbie!

  2. It gets worse. They won’t apologise for that thing they said. Clearly everything they’ve said on evry other thing is suspect.

  3. if this is about suzanne moore, it wasn’t just about what she said on twitter…

  4. I’m sure everybody’s in on the joke here, I’d like to understand what you mean…

  5. What that person said on Twitter was compounded by what they said somewhere else and I for one am outraged that they refused to apologise when I told them to.

    • What needs to be remembered is that ultimately, when it boils down to it, this is all about me Palestine.

      • Yes, the neo-con Zionist imperialist New American Century Bilderbergian Illuminati project continues apace and this is just a distraction.

        Excuse the rustling of my Bacofoil

      • And that’s precisely why I’m no longer outraged about this thing. It’s now about you whereas it used to be about me.

        Basically you have unfairly stolen my thunder and I’m outraged about that. Consequently I’m now outraged about this other thing and will remain so until you apologise for being just as outraged now about this thing as I used to be until yesterday.

        It’s all so very outrageous. How very dare you?

  6. THAT’S IT! I’m calling the police!!! This is me-ist hate speech and I DEMAND redress.

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  8. I can only apologise for the outrage that everyone is feeling, not because it’s anything to do with me but because I can’t see a social media bandwagon without jumping on it. I can’t actually apologise for the thing which has outraged people, because that’s what’s known as ‘a proper apology’ and people don’t do those anymore.

  9. I blame the EUSSR, Tony Bliar, New Liebore and mass immigration. Or was it George Bush, the Daily Mail, Margaret Thatcher and the Lib Dems? I’ve forgotten.

  10. I was going to leave a comment, but unfortunately I’ve got so angry about this outrage that I’ve left to write a long, whiny blogpost about why I feel victimised by your completely misplaced and outrageous outrage about something that was clearly never an issue in the first place.

    I think you should check your privelige, frankly.

  11. Hahaha. I’ll write a semi-meta post about an issue that doesn’t actually affect my life, in the context of mocking someone affected by this issue. LOLZ. LOOK AT HOW WITTY I AM.

  12. I am also outraged

  13. Actually I can’t be bothered either way. What does that make me?

  14. If you didn’t waste so much time composing contentless blogs you would notice that Polly Toynbee has addressed the matter fully and exhaustively in the Guardian, that Brendan O’Neil (he doesn’t tweet) has constructed a wonderful polemic that assassinates all the asinine onanism and that Julie Burchill has belched.

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  16. We’ve got a facebook poll running, and the result so far is 95% outraged, and the little red 5% on the end makes it look like a joint.

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