Calling all Health and Social Care Writers

Given Ermintrude’s announcement today that she’s retiring from blogging, this seems like a good time to put out an invitation to those with an interest in health and social care and feel like they have something to say.

Ermintrude’s retirement is by no means the end of this blog. There’s not only me writing here, but also the likes of Politicalnurse, Gary, Bonklesoul and Abe Laurens. Over time our traffic has grown from 2,648 views in October 2011 when the blog was first set up, to 14,468 in November 2012 (the traffic reduced a bit in December due to Christmas, but has rebounded strongly in the new year). I see no reason why the Not So Big Society can’t continue to grow and develop.

Even so, Ermintrude was and is an informed, incisive and prolific writer, and her departure leaves a gap.

So, if you’re interested in such topics as health, social care, social policy, poverty, inequality and the occasional dollop of small-p politics, then this invitation is for you to come and write for us.

We don’t have a “house-style” as such. There’s not a minimum or maximum word length for blog posts, though I tend to think anything over 1500 words is probably better broken down into a couple of separate posts. Obviously, posts shouldn’t include anything offensive or libellous, and writers are expected to adhere to the social networking guidelines of any professional regulators that they’re registered with.

Interested? Leave a comment to this post, or e-mail me on thus_spake_z at hushmail dot com

4 thoughts on “Calling all Health and Social Care Writers

  1. ‘fraid not. Never managed to get beyond 120 without swearing.

  2. Might well be interested in writing with you. Background is mental health nursing and disability charity, now freelance and full-time carer for mother. @nomdetwume on twitter.

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