Anxiety Therapist making legal threats

Here’s something interesting. An individual by the name of Charles Linden is promoting what he calls the Linden Method as “the cure for all anxiety disorders”. According to his website he makes no claim to be a mental health professional, but does make a number of claims for the Linden Method.

I have cured anxiety sufferers permanently and completely in under two hours.

Can I cure every sufferer in two hours? Yes, IF they do exactly as I state, their neurology will respond.

Can it fail? No, if anxiety is the condition and the subject is human, it cannot fail.

Does it always happen in two hours? No. It is all down to the person’s neurology. I don’t have total control over that.

Is there another way to recover from anxiety? No. The body and mind have one anxiety disorder recovery process.

That’s an impressive claim, if accurate.
An article on his website suggests that some people have been disputing his claim. According to Linden,
We currently have a small group of people headed by a ‘professional’ from psychology who have an issue with us curing anxiety… why? a) they can’t b) they can’t make money from recovery because they can’t produce it c) They want to charge patients repeatedly d) They can’t admit that what they do doesn’t work… there are so many reasons.

These people recruit others to harass us… they create false information and unleash their hounds on us.

What they don’t know, but will soon discover, is that every post, comment and word they have said has been logged and forwarded to our barristers… amounting to:

1. Over 400 highly defamatory accusations – they only needed to have posted one to have a case against them.
2. Over 900 harassing communications – over 200 times the necessary communications to have a case against them.
3. Cyber-stalking with 1200% more evidence than is necessary to have a case against them.
4. Breaches of the harassment act for cyber-bullying.

Linden also states he will be taking action against them.
The case is huge and will be executed in 4 parts by our barristers and solicitors in Manchester… a firm in the top three in the UK, specialising in civil litigation.

They have a choice but have, so far, chosen to ignore it.

1. Sign an agreement to prevent being sued.
2. Be sued for harassment, then defamation of character.

The second option will cost them at least £30,000 in legal costs. We have been assured by three barristers and six solicitors that our chance of success in each action is excellent and that damages paid for defamation will cover all losses and legal fees plus damages for distress over 12 years.

I’m not a party to this case, and have no inside knowledge of it. Therefore I’m in no position to comment on the merits of Linden’s claim. However, I did find this Advertising Standards Authority ruling about the Linden Centre, in which the complainants alleged 10 points of misleading advertising. All 10 allegations were upheld by the ASA.