Unsafe Spaces highlights the shocking lack of regulation for counselling and psychotherapy in the UK, and how this can cause vulnerable people to experience abuse or poor care. We call for statutory regulation to replace the current system of voluntary registration.

In May 2016 we published the Unsafe Spaces report. Our research found that of those counsellors and psychotherapists who have been struck off a professional register for misconduct, one in four continue to practice afterwards. This is legal because “counsellor” and “psychotherapist” are not protected titles, and there is no requirement in law to belong to a professional register.

Unsafe Spaces is entirely led and run by volunteers, and receives no external funding.



To speak to Unsafe Spaces, e-mail Phil Doré at thus_spake_z at hushmail dot com


Nothing on this website constitutes medical or legal advice, and this site should not substitute for the advice of an appropriate healthcare or legal professional.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. A friend just linked to your how not to use social media post, and I’m glad he did. This is an awesome site and run by HCPs. I’ve been pushing more nurses to test and experiment with social media so it is great to see a great example!

    Looking forward to having you in the my Reeder feed

    Rob RN

  2. I am just saying ‘hi’ because I have just subscribed to your blog, which looks really interesting by the way, and I look forward to reading your posts x

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  6. testing to see if my comments actually appear anywhere on the site……

  7. Currently supporting one of my supervisees who wants to initiate a formal complaint against a UKCP MO. Should be interesting…..stonewalling count rising already …..

    • UKCP does not require its MOs to fulfill ANY obligations to their members hence MOs can pretty much please themselves what they do / don’t do …. So if you are a member of an MO – WHY ! ?

  8. Your article in Therapy Today is not only offensive to professional counsellors and psychotherapists but misleading. As a member of UKCP council you give no credit to their stringent complaint process or to the continual work to benefit therapy protecting therapists or public. It is scaremongering alarming us and the public. He does not acknowledge what it takes for us to be qualified in this profession and that we continue to update our skills in what is a relatively underpaid and unrecognised profession. Many of us train at our own expense. Who is he to say PSA is a complete failure and does not support his claim with information about himself or examples. I have raised my objections with BACP who published this article without defending the profession. People who need help should not be afraid or discouraged from doing so and much counselling and psychotherapy in the UK takes place in an NHS context, so are they rogues too?

    • It’s not my article. It’s an article by Therapy Today commenting on our report, which you can read in full here:

      Click to access unsafe-spaces-report-may-2016.pdf

      The report isn’t so much commenting on the quality of the BACP or UKCP complaints procedures, as pointing out that after people get struck off by these bodies, all too often they simply carry on practising. The BACP and UKCP could have the best complaints procedures in the world, but it doesn’t matter a jot if the titles aren’t protected.

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