“Child Stealing” Conspiracy Theory Codswallop

Back in February I blogged about Brian Gerrish, a spectacularly deranged conspiracy theorist who peddles claims of “child-stealing” by a nefarious conspiracy of social services, CAFCAS, CAMHS, police and, for some reason, a management training company called Common Purpose. So that’s why children are occasionally taken into care? Not because of difficult and tragic cases where children have to be removed from their parents for their own safety, but because it’s a trafficking industry to make money?

Strangely enough, I had a conversation yesterday with a friend who spent this weekend at the Secret Garden Party festival. He told me, “That Brian Gerrish was on the lineup for Secret Garden Party, along with a guy who’s suing Leeds City Council for genocide.”

“What? Did you see this?”

“Nah. It was on some fringe stage called the R/Evolution Bunker. I was tempted to go see if for a laugh, but then I discovered his talk had been cancelled and replaced with an ex-Mafia bodyguard. So I went to a shamanic drumming workshop and watched some mud wrestling instead.”

From browsing the R/Evolution Bunker’s lineup, they have talks on hidden pyramids in Bosnia and on how the Arab Spring was caused by solar cycles. But Brian Gerrish was cancelled? Were his ideas too mad even for them?

But what’s this about a guy who’s suing Leeds Council for genocide? I did a Google search, and it turned out to be somebody called Chris Jarvis. Surprise, surprise, he’s had his children removed into care, and he’s come to the conclusion that this is genocide.

Leeds City Council to be prosecuted for ‘Genocide’ and ‘Crimes against humanity’

In modern language usage, brought about by use within the Courts, the word “care“, has become synonymous with the word “custody“.

A family is a group. The taking of children and moving them from one group to another is prohibited by UK and International Law, this is evidenced by the provision in UK Statute Law – “International Criminal Court Act 2001 – Schedule 8 – Article 6 – Genocide (e) forcible transferring children of the group to another group”

I wonder what the court made of his argument? Actually, I don’t need to wonder, because he posted on his blog that in May 2012 he turned up at Leeds Magistrates Court for a hearing.

It would appear that the information from the Draft summons was used to create a private hearing where Chris was not allowed his assistant, was not allowed his witnesses where he was placed in a locked Court room before a District Judge that appeared to have come to a predetermined decision based on previous correspondence to the Court and reportedly told Chris that he had presented no evidence to the Court and that his application had been refused.

This now allows the application to be taken to a higher level at the High Court in London, due to the multiple technical errors in Law that exist.

I can’t say I’m exactly surprised. The judge probably viewed him as just some pain in the bumhole pursuing a vexatious case in order to conduct a feud over the fact that his kids had to be removed. Good luck to him at the London High Court. My non-lawyer brain suspects that he’ll find it gets struck out on the spot there too, and then he’d be likely to be handed a massive bill for costs.

Perhaps I’m being too cynical. Maybe he’s genuinely the victim of a miscarriage of justice, rather than just some grubby child abuser? To show how badly he’s been wronged, he has various YouTube videos of him interacting with various social workers, council staff and police officers.

Well, that didn’t come across as paranoid, evasive or creepy in the slightest, did it?

He’s got another YouTube video, which I don’t intend to link to, in which he films the police and social services removing his child into care. It makes for distressing viewing. The police officers and social worker spend several minutes remonstrating with Mr Jarvis and his child. The child doesn’t want to go (this does not mean he isn’t being abused; removal into care is invariably distressing in the extreme), and is being exhorted by Mr Jarvis not to cooperate. Eventually, and inevitably, the police have to remove the child by force, leading to further distress for all concerned.

Interestingly enough, Brian Gerrish refers to Chris Jarvis on this podcast as being some sort of legal expert, like he’s some sort of amateur Perry Mason.

Good grief, where do these people come from?

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  1. Really worrying stuff.

  2. Another client for Dr Ginger then – or maybe his local PICU. 😦

  3. if he’s been abusing his kids then why not charge him with a relevant crime and let a jury convict him?

    • More to the point, if he’s such a wonderful, perfect father, why have his children been removed?

      Also, why doesn’t he just contest the care order, as parents are entitled to, rather than pursue a ridiculous private prosecution for genocide that’s obviously going to be struck out on the spot?

  4. I have an internet radio show that I would like you to come on to as a guest, perhaps we can have an open debate as clearly you are very passionate and of a different view than my own. What do you think?

    • Alan Partridge looking for work…

    • I can’t help you with the radio show, I’m afraid,even though I’ve got the face for it.

      Just out of curiosity, why mount a case for genocide, rather than simply applying for the care order to be discharged, which is the normal route for a parent challenging a CO?

    • Can I come on your internet radio show, I’d love to point out what a moron you are…sounds fun.

  5. @Zarathustra The case has never sat before a Magistrates Court and therefore there are no valid Order’s to discharge but simple criminality on behalf of Leeds City Council.

    If you were assaulted would you then shake hands with the abuser, or would you seek to have them tried for their crimes?

    The taking of the children without any criminality or due process of law is in FACT child stealing by the state and for monetary gain only which I can demonstrate as each department within a council has a budget and if it does not spend that budget it does not get a full budget the following term and when this budget revolves around paying social workers, foster carers and such like, the ‘business’ of child stealing is perpetuated as pressure is put on individuals to meet quotas that only high level management are aware of and then start to lie and make mistakes in being over burdened with responsibility of such ‘apparrent’ abuse, which can be high traumatising on the individual where then they go on a crusade believing that every parent is a guilty one, just for starters.

    Fact is I went to Leeds Magistrates and District Judge Anderson protected their criminality and he knows it, this is far from forgotton from my families point of view and the fact that Leeds City Council continue to treat both me and my family as criminals when in fact I have cleared my name and they criminally hold my children in care against their will, no matter what it says in reports I have spoken with them, as has the rest of my family, and my mission now is to highlight Leeds City Council as being part of the criminality going on in this country and I will do that with multiple examples of their abuse, until they change their stance I will continue to fight for justice and defend my family.

    The very fact that nobody is asking what a social worker is doing with a council tax collector just baffles me, that you are all sucked so far in to the matrix, I wonder if there is any hope for any of you, because no matter who you think you are, you could be next, I have councillors and ex-councillors as friends who have had challenges made on their children and grandchildren by the very organisations they worked for!

    Further, the social worker in the video was never, and has never been registered with the General Social Care Council, and if thats not alarm bells, I do not know what is, because those of you that jump through all the hoops and do the rights things are slowly being replaced by corrupt nobodies who will come on at a lower wage and take personal responsibility in getting things done at any cost, without rules and leading beyond their authority.

    What was he doing looking through the windows of a private home? Where nobody had established whether anyone was in without time to go to the door, because he was looking in the windows FIRST.

    I welcome educated debate.

    @Bristol John the fact that you exhibit abuse at me by calling names just highlights the level of intelligence you have, unfortunately thats it I am not going to argue with you because clearly you do not have the ability to be taught being you still as an adult (I assume) act like a child.

    • So, despite all evidence suggesting that social services budgets are being cut whether they like it or not, and that there aren’t enough foster placements for those that need them, social services are in fact inventing reasons to take child to fill these supposedly otherwise-unused placements?

      The taking of the children without any criminality or due process of law is in FACT child stealing by the state and for monetary gain only which I can demonstrate

      Oh, I do look forward to how you plan to demonstrate this.

      Further, the social worker in the video was never, and has never been registered with the General Social Care Council, and if thats not alarm bells, I do not know what is

      That, or he’s a social work assistant or support worker rather than a social worker. Those are employed by social services too.

      Care to tell us what the allegation was before the court that led to your kids being removed?

    • Oh, and on a liability matter, I’d like to state here that we do not endorse your view that District Judge Anderson is engaged in criminal behaviour.

      Or, to put it another way, if he sues for libel you’re on your own with that one.

    • I’m sorry Chris I think you misunderstand, when I called you a moron, it was not to name call, but to give an example of the level of intelligence I believe you have, I did not exhibit abuse to you at all, I simply expressed my opinion, If you believe that anyone who does not without reservation agree with you, exhibits abuse then I think you probably need to adjust you view on society. With regards to my level of education, I suspect it is far in excess of yours due to your inability to level any kind of debate and simply rambling at people like, as I’ve stated before, a moron. If you check the definition of the word moron, you’ll find it probably applies, although as I suspect you’re also delutional, I doubt you have the self awareness to agree.

      The offer still stands to come onto your radio show and explain further to you why I believe you are not what people call, a rational mature human being.

    • Having replied to your direct comment to me, I’d like to pick up a few things also mentioned in your response. In order to remove a child perminantley or temporarily from a parent, a supervision order is required, without that the Police will not act – Can you prove no Supervision Order was enacted?

      Given that there is not enough money to deal with the current children in care and that budgets are being decreased, not increased how do you claim that social services are “child stealing” to increas funds?

      What criminal offence were you accused of that caused your children to be removed from your care, if you have proven your innocence why have you not employed a solicitor to force the return of your children, it is a very easy processes if you are as you claim, cleared of any criminal charges.

      The General Social Care Council has been closed since 1/8/2012, however it has been replaced by the HCPC, If you wish to claim the Social Worker is not registered, you will have to provide their name to prove this.

      It is not a crime or invasion of privacy for anyone to look through someones window, just like it is not a crime for someone to walk through an open gate and be on someones property.

      I too welcome educated debate, but I have to wonder if you’re prepared to fully educate people on the full situation of the events that transpired prior and following your Children being removed from your care, which I note you’ve not even mentioned why it happened.

      I look forward to your reply

      • Just to clarify hun it’s a care order that’s needed or a protection order. Both of which give social services and police power to remove a child that has suffered harm or is likely to suffer harm and those orders can only be granted once a judge is satisfied enough evidence exists.

        I went through court proceedings with my lil boy who was never removed from my care. I am also fortunate enough to have studied child protection and policy and legislation for children and families so I knew I had to prove my innocence and did sso hence why I have my lil boy and my newborn baby girl in my sole custody.

        In addition when an application is made for either a care order or an emergency protection order parents are given to opportunity to contest it except for in extreme circumstances also cafcas have to listen to a child’s point of view if they don’t agree the child and guardian have separate solicitors.

        I do not agree with Chris at all he doesn’t even have my sympathy as there are ways of dealing with these things that are amicable
        Sure I would LOVE to sue the social worker that falsified paper work and sent me to court BUT my energy is better spent on my children not lashing out at authority.

        Makes me wonder if Chris either couldn’t be arsed to show up at the court hearing the day his kids were removed or it was deemed such a serious matter he didn’t get a chance to initially contest. He would of at a later date though but emergency protection orders can only be granted in case of neglect or sexual and physical abuse

  6. @Z: “Oh, I do look forward to how you plan to demonstrate this.”

    I don’t.

    Nurse! He’s out of bed again! Nurse! Quickly!! He’s coming this way!! NURSE!!!

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  8. Just in answer, my children were never taken from my care. They were removed from my ex-wife who was found for neglect, but yet keeps the care of three young children because she was happy to see the older children go in care, when I protested and accused Leeds City Council of running a peadophile ring because they were facilitating a man, their step father to see the children once a week on his own! I was given once a month, [name removed] is a sexual abuser and abused my children, yet the likes of [name removed] of Legal at Leeds city council conspire and collude in a devious manor with people like that to cover their own criminality.

    I can say this and name names because they are the criminals and have already tried to commence committal to Prison proceedings for contempt, but promptly dropped all that when I cleared my name, they are really really scared and know time is running out before they are brought before a Court to answer for their crimes.

    So then people, how do you respond to that? Are you going to consider calling me a moron again, because someone, one of your colleagues made a mistake and covered up their mistake, then a chain of criminality occurred as the problem got bigger and harder to hide?

    Do you all believe you are above the Law and not open to scrutiny?

    You people need taking down a peg or two.



    • Since you mention that your children were never taken from your care, might I ask why you’ve posted a YouTube video of police and social workers removing your children from your care?

      And since that statement was obviously untrue, do you mind if I suggest that your other statements may also be untrue?

      • As I have said on the other article where you make this same comment, very clever of you to get the coverage, the whole point is my child was placed in a care home, she ran away to my place as a place of safety, the Police came and took her.

        The children were never resident with me and you know full well the point you are making is an empty one and accusing me of lying, you jumped in too soon and exposed your real aim.


    • Ok, I have a few questions, I’ve tried to lay them out in an easy to respond to manner

      1. If your children were taken from your ex-wifes care, why did you not seek custody?
      2. Do you have prove that **** is a criminal, or is this assumption?
      3. You keep saying you cleared your name, but you don’t say how, can you?
      4. Can you show me where I, or anyone else here, has said they were a Public Servant? personally I’ve worked in the Private sector for all of my working life.
      5. Have you ever been assesed for mental health purposes?
      6. Have you ever been sued for defamation?

  9. What really is bothering “The Not So Big Society” is this……..

    To close to home/work maybe it is this, just maybe these parents are able to document the amount of corruption much better than a poorly trained family aid can spoon feed an expert witness or a social worker what is not or what constitutes for so called child abuse these days.
    You can not blame parents for litigant in person after being set up by solicitors who have contracts with the LA’s who will not fight the parents case , but bin the case.
    What ever your opinion, I have mine and it is bad for business for all this talk and sharing of videos on YT of visits and police coming to protect children , from something that does not actually exist in the real world , but is real for professionals to be able to have a long term legal relationship with the child and get paid ££££ so their children make it all the way to Public school of the back of ordinary families who are guilty of not knowing how they are being set up to fail by second rate students or nursery nurses giving courts advice about long term contact .
    You should be worried about the stuff we do no share about the multi-agencies online, you lot are just on the basis of, you do not need to know what is being documented for children to be able to come back and sue the lot of you .

  10. Mr Jarvis going to get this website in general, and Z and E in particular, sued by the people he names and by Leeds City Council. We don’t want to go the way of Mental Nurse. I suggest he is banned and his content removed.

    • At this stage I haven’t removed content or banned users, but I have left replies pointing out discrepancies in his account.

      If anyone discussed in this thread wants me to remove content about them, I invite them to e-mail me at thus_spake_z at hushmail dot com and I will do so immediately.

      • There are no discrepencies in my accounts please read my replies, to keep asserting such empty things exposes your real aim to discredit someone who you fear.

    • On second thoughts, I’ve edited out personal names given in his comments, rather than waiting for them to ask.

    • You keep asking for a nurse, I suggest she comes along and puts a bandage over your fingers because the leakage from your anus is coming out of them in your comments and fear of being held to account as this attempt to attack me goes wrong.

      • Last comment was @Bristol Michael

      • My, what an offensive thing to say.

      • She? My, my, your prejudices are showing. Z is a nurse and a man. So am I (retired now). My fear is that we are encouraging an attention-seeker by giving him a forum. I notice you have not replied to Bristol John’s question whether you have been subject to a Mental Health Act assessment. BTW to anticipate your next ranting denunciation to the best of my knowledge and belief I have never met Bristol John. If I have I did not know him by that name.

  11. Bristol John who is the question aimed at ? 0 0 Rate This
    The important question here, is do you have any evidence to support your opinion?
    If it is me, then the answer is YES ,like I said you lot are being kept in the dark. Now then lets not give away any secrets on how we operate when the SS come calling or the courts start to rubber stamp court cases.
    For now you can chew the fat online and think you are being clever sniping across websites at campaigners for daring to speak out .
    Here are some questions for you and your smart online buddies
    1) Do you think that there are enough people/parents online to emotionally support families going through this minefield ? Seen as they have been through the system and can finish off what the legals will say , or predict the next step of the social worker / family aid worker etc ?
    2) Do you think that there are sufficient people with resources to be able to first witness and take down everything really quickly at the event , so quick that they have by passed the capability of the average professional who is on average wage of £34 an hour ..

    Lets face it most statements for court , are based on hearsay , nothing evidenced at events.

    3) Do you think that there is a loop hole here for a business or a company to be able to offer to store the evidence or information to show the media, who are also under threat of going to prison ,and are clearly terrorized by the courts for highlighting cases.

    4) Do you think that you could come up with something simple that is going to work , is easy to afford than losing your case, being labelled a child abuser by an untrained person working for the LA to write reports based on their opinion only .

    5) Do you think that once enough of the General public get wind of this free service, that they will ever work with professionals or the Multi- Agencies again? Channel 4 said that there are at least 1000 people who network of people online, who do not charge money , in fact they spend their own money to support people on the run from Social Services .

    6) Maybe we can not win in a Kangeroo Court, but know this , we have something to show the General Public that you are corrupt and are not to be trusted .

    7) Can you offer your time and the same rates ?
    Some people will document your case as it happens step by step , level by level ,then show you how to store the information somewhere safe. Think of it as an Insurance policy so that you can show the corruption or lengths the SS went to to get your children who were not at risk at the time these children were in your care, however much later on will say that their children suffered harm, and were abused later on when they were placed into Foster care or Adoption pools. Paperwork denied, sorry we destroyed your file when you request to have copies of the files.

    The Nazis’s filmed the holocaust , nobody wanted to know about the Jews when they first came for them did they then they brought out the film & the books .
    Some day though, the General Public will want to know what happened to others , when they to finally get caught in the court trap.
    These websites are only the tip of the iceberg , next you will have apps and downloads to click on while you await your turn in the closed court ….
    Then you won’t be so smart then , will you?
    Savvy people will not only listen to their solicitors they will listen to others who have witnessed far to much corruption. Then your legal beagles will be a thing of the past . This is what you get for selling Children out by the £££

    • It was aimed at you Linda Frances Mcdermott.
      My next question, is can you present this evidence so that your opinion can be validated?
      While we wait, let me answer your questions.

      1. I think there are plenty of options such as legal aid, advocacy services and often social services themselves, not to mention Citizen’s Advice beurau..before even needing to gon online for help.

      2. I don’t really understand the question here, at first I thought it was loaded, now I think it is without merit, or at best rhetorical without basis.

      2.B (statement) Hearsay is not accepted as evidence in any court in the UK. I dispute your comment whole heartedly without reservation.

      3. I’m not sure why a business or company (same thing) Would need to, the media can access the court system with the exception of those governed by the terrorism act.

      4. Yes, the current system, where trained people make assessments and present them to the court who then rule based on the evidence provided.

      5. There are plenty of trained lawyers offering pro-bono advice and indeed legal aid is still available. Personally, I would want a trained person assisting me.

      6. Please give evidence of any Kangaroo courts in the UK since 1975.

      7. This seems to be a rant, does it have an actual question in it?

      8? I’m not quite sure how you’ve managed to bring the Nazi’s into a discussion about social services, however Godwin would be proud.

      Let me ask you something, additional to my original follow up question…DO you thin the Sherif is the highest legal authority in a county, do you think that the Magna carta still applies in full, have you ever called yourself a “Free man of the land” or words to that effect?

      I await your reply

  12. Bristol John, make yourself known who you are and you will be shown if you are respectable and sincere about looking at the facts concerning professionals abusing their authority .
    I have the evidence , however I am not here to validate to some faceless person what this is.

    Go do your homework first and look for answers to the above questions, about other subjects you have raised. Stick to the questions , do you think that some people are more than capable of using technology and being in a prime position to see it all happening and to do a study or research on the Multi-agencies who are purporting to be operating in THE CHILD’S BEST INTERESTS while you are masturbating on the keys thinking you are doing a great job of slaying a few campaigners , someone is going to expose the top layer off the veneer surface of what really fuels to child care industry .
    I stick to facts , I have already validate for children what arse wipes the so called professionals are. The Children can be heard , and will be heard and that is something the professionals think they can get away with , ignoring pleas from desperate children to be let home as they are being abused or let down by the corporate parent.

    You are simply many years behind the times , without people talking to each other and supporting each other , the rest is just pure bile.
    Thanks for posting my comments . If you want to see the evidence I suggest that you come see it for yourself at one of these conferences being held up and down the country , you know the ones with hundreds of parents claiming that they have had a miscarriage of justice done.
    I have what the media want , they do not want rants and chats they want solid evidence and paperwork .
    See you soon, will come back with times and venue. Why should you get preferential treatment ,than everyone else ?

    • So, basically, you can’t answer my questions, so you’ve tried to go off on a tangent.
      In answer to your question, I will happily tell you who I am, once you have answer my questions. Until then, I must consider you as dilusional as Chris Jarvis, and the many others who have misunderstood basic law.

  13. Let me ask you something, additional to my original follow up question…DO you thin the Sherif is the highest legal authority in a county, do you think that the Magna carta still applies in full, have you ever called yourself a “Free man of the land” or words to that effect?
    I await your reply

    Example of going off topic, yours I think .So I am guilty of not answering these questions ?

    Give you a tip ,try forget what you have been trained for and just operate as an honest person , not on £150 and hour or £34 an hour and think outside the box ,now this should not be hard for you . What damage do you think we can do to your reputations ?

    Expect us to expose many things that can, and will be experienced whilst working with professionals. We will not charge you to have a look .
    They say people are frightened of change , however this system, many people say it is in need of change , this is what we all agree on.

    I do meetings with the enemy in London and bring the evidence and the parents with me. What do you do then?

    • Linda

      Might I suggest that you have a read of this blog post. If you’re trying to win back your kids from social services, you might find it has a higher chance of success than the approach you’re taking.

    • Having trained in a legal profession, I decided not to take become a lawyer and instead became a counsellor so I retrained going back to university and that is what I do, I counsell people who have suffered loss in their life, or have issues they need to resolve before that can become active members of society.
      I also in my free time do child advocacy and advocacy for people with disabilities. So, if someone is arrested and they need someone to support them in a non legal capacity in interviews and such I do that. I’ve never worked on the side of the Public Sector (Purely by role, not bay choice) and In fact I have only worked on the behalf of those being investigated by said public services (All be it the Police)

      I have come accross so many people who have had their lives ruined by people claiming to know all about the law, and how there is this big conspiracy against them, and when it all falls to pieces and these people need someone to help rebuild there lives both physically and emotionally That’s what I do. I fix the problems people like you create (Along with a lot of other stuff)
      For the record, if we’re playing these silly games, I’ve probably got more parents back with their kids by sorting out their drug addictions, depressions and many number of actual issues than you can even begin to claim to have done.

      Normally, I wouldn’t even dare to tell the internet what I do, because it’s personal, and of no buisness or relevance to discussions, but when people like yourself go around making wild claims…well I can’t help but remind you that people with actual knowledge know you’re sprouting BS.

  14. Zarathustra, with the greatest of respect, there you go again, thinking you know it all. Now why would I want to work with professionals ?
    So they can get paid to make thousands of £’s am free now to do what I want , and it is watching you lot and preparing better cases to sue on behalf of children who have been legally kidnapped and abused by the LA . Try and keep up will you, otherwise you might have a problem clearing up the shit ,when the shit hits the fan.

    • I’ve never been paid anything (other than my basic NHS salary) to contribute to a child protection case in my life. If I do so, it’s purely because of my professional obligation that child protection is part of my role.

    • Also, I take it your response means you don’t plan to listen to the advice of people who actually know what they’re doing?

      Oh well. Your loss not mine.

    • I don’t think you’ve any respect for anyone. You’re just here trying to tell everyone they are wrong, but offer no actual evidence as to why.

      Also, I note despite me telling you what I do, you’ve seen fit NOT to answer my questions, which given your claimed knowledge should be easy to answer. Instead you decide to make fals accusations against Zarathustra.

  15. I will tell you this, I have people contact me globally and I am very good at communicating with the general public , I have a retail sales back ground and am very good with the general public I am trained to be as it is bad for business. I am told that I am honest, and forthright,I have no time for time wasters and can see through the cases the SS were justified in removing .
    I do have to show the evidence to the media , as verbal is not going to be able to get a story to press. I know solicitors with access to courts and will phone me and tell me or show me the paperwork from cases warning me not to touch a case.
    I have no respect for professionals who write or decide to bin a case and send out faxes with an invite to witch hunt a parent for a problem, funny thing is that these professionals have to leave a clue behind.
    We had an insider in the Child’s firm of solicitors warn us what was going on, what the solicitors were doing to us as a family as the secretary went to school with my oldest son and warned us about the case being a set up .
    All I will tell you is these cases are being documented quickly , with maximum effect of the use of technology and the data which is what you lot want to control and is the very core of what is vital for a case is being cleaned up ,cross referenced ,dated , timed and stored for traumatized children to be able to sue these councils for abusing their human rights and turning a blind eye when they are being abused and rounded up by the police and returned to foster care or adoption . Now if this is cutting out the judges, social workers Cafcass then this is what is going on accept that people find us as they want answers and we do not sit chatting all day long, we do tutorials with advice how to fill in forms and get the paperwork into court that the professionals do not want in court( even though most of these cases can not be appealed the courts will not let anyone win their cases in general not many cases win ,only the forced adoption runners win by getting to work with other countries who do not do ,what the UK courts do.

    If you like I validate for parents that they are right to be thinking that they can not win , with the system geared up to destroy families, I focus on the trauma that these so called expert witnesses cause post cases and I stress post case if it is the same expert that I have then I meet up with a parent and we do the reports together and show or highlight how creepy this expert is and also can change their mind . I seen the damage being done. have picked up the human debris from their ex clients.I have not interfered with any cases prior to this , I have also witnessed worst of all the trauma of children who want to be heard and want answers why nobody is listening, and why they still have to suffer when the professionals get it wrong their main aim is only to cover their backs.
    I have a mother say to me the Cafcass officer is on my side. You lost your case,I will not. Next thing is they ring me and say , you are right, I can not win. Then you read about it in the papers mother flees with son abroad, in come the media , show us they say ,as nobody will believe you.
    Gone are the days the SS can call and accuse families as parents are clued up and ready waiting for the worst fears an the similarities of what is being reported back to social networks is as accurate as you can get it . You can not trust any of these professionals so you need to document the case for your missing son or daughter.
    There is no law,says we can not document the cases. The Jews suffered, and someone filmed and books were written about the events. In the future these worst of these cases will be on the school curriculum for future generations to read about and discuss. Campaigners like F4 J will be also noted as wanting to bring in changes that affect family life and contact. What laws are in place now concerning confidentiality we abide by and keep the child anon,however we will follow the war on families and the destruction and break down of families by recorded all the maladministration, the cover ups of abuse of children detained in contact centres aka Children’s prisons and will take over the research side that universities are teaching to students.
    One word We are going to record it all for those who have fallen and also survived the Gulag of the Family courts. This is not against the law ,and what we are doing the courts are so arrogant they can not think outside draconian law to keep pace with this. Soon there will be no respect or jobs for NHS or Cafcass or Social workers why they have even dropped the ££ for the expert witnesses , for laughing out loud , that is frightening thought £150 for predictive reports , or reports written without even meeting a parent. What will happen next , a massive blitz for exposing this stuff online or even radio shows with articulate discussions about courts , procedures or corruption?????

    • So, basically because you’ve worked in a shop, solicitors contact you to get these peoples children back, and you say, I can’t do it, and then blame some imaginary conspiracy which you think is like what the Gestapo did to the Jews…Very interesting.

      Lets step away from the strange insistance you have of trying to write rousing speaches that change direction half way through, and let me ask you, what grounds did Social Services use to remove your child/children from your duty of care? What did they say you did to make you an unfit mother?

  16. You are so out of touch already that , you are not ready to appreciate that parents have decided not to work with you . As for the link save this for people who are naive . Like I said I get people go out of there way to contact me. I am done here now and am going to leave you in your bubble to ponder where you fit in all of this …..
    You have a nice weekend now .Bye

    • You are so out of touch already that , you are not ready to appreciate that parents have decided not to work with you .

      Yes, and I’d imagine that’s why you weren’t allowed your kids back.

      Like I said, your loss.

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