The TWIM Awards 2011.

The This Week in Mentalists Awards were announced today, and the Not So Big Society got given a shiny thing.


Runner Up: Best Social Work Blog

Gotta love that little smiley in a strait-jacket.

Congratulations to The Masked AMHP who won the social work category. A few of my other favourite blogs also got awards, including Stuart Sorensen, Chaos and Control, Neuroskeptic and Mental Health Cop.

I was also pleased to see that my old blog Mental Nurse got a runner-up in the most-missed category, as did another of my favourites, Fighting Monsters. I wish the former author of that blog well, wherever she is.

[Declared Interest: I originally created This Week in Mentalists on Mental Nurse, and handed it over to Pandora when Mental Nurse closed. Just in the past week or so Pandora has asked me to come back on board with TWIM as a co-editor, which I’ve agreed to do. However, I didn’t canvass for any votes in the TWIM Awards.]

One thought on “The TWIM Awards 2011.

  1. Really nice of you to say that. It was lovely to learn that I won an award in the TWIMs.

    Congrats on your own award too. The shiny things are nice additions to the various blogs, aren’t they?



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