Towards Inclusivity in User Led Organisations

Last night, I was involved in a ‘Twitter Chat’ about DPULOs (Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations). This is a new, regular ‘chat’ (with the hashtag #dpulo) that runs on Tuesdays at 8pm – 9pm GMT and initially I had been reluctant to ‘join in’ because I think, for obvious reasons, the discussions should very much be ‘user-led’ and in my role as a social worker I didn’t want to overextend my role in these situations.

The discussion yesterday though was about an issue which is particularly close to my heart – namely – how DPULOs can be extended to all service user groups.

Working as I do with a group of people who often have the quieter voices in the disability movement, I feel an obligation as a social worker to ensure that these groups are not forgotten. I take my role as an advocate seriously.
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