Resource Allocation Systems on Trial

How are direct payments, personal budgets and resources allocated in adult social care? I’ve been working in this field for many years at the front line and couldn’t tell you. Fortunately, the courts are shedding some light, albeit foggy, on the matter.

This morning I came across this blogpost on the Guardian website. It mentions the case of R(KM) v Cambridgeshire County Council which will be heard by the Supreme Court on appeal next week.

I read through the previous judgement which is being appealed and would recommend it to anyone involved in adult social care in England.

While the previous judgement found that according to the Kensington and Gloucestershire rulings, local authorities could take resources into account when extending services to those in need without their bounds and remain within the National Assistance Act (1948), the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act (1970) and the NHS and Community Care Act (1990) to assess and provide services, the method of developing non-transparent ‘resource allocation systems’ (AKA RAS) was criticised heavily. Continue reading