National Audit Office CQC Report

In a timely moment (although possibly not for the CQC), the National Audit Office today publish a report into the workings of the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Yesterday the Public Inquiry in Mid Staffordshire wound up and before looking at the NAO (National Audit Office) report, it’s worth pulling a few quotes from the summing up in the inquiry as they make pertinent points.

The issue of what counts as an ‘inspection’ of a service

Right, so an inspection doesn’t mean what members of the public might think of as an inspection.  It may simply mean looking at the systems and the paperwork; is that right?
”Answer:  It may.”

This should be borne in mind when the CQC parade their ‘inspection’ figures around. An ‘inspection’ can be a form that is sent out to the provider for them to complete themselves.
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