John Redwood MP’s unintentionally hilarious gaffe on poverty

On Friday this news snippet came out, talking about the rise in high-stakes gambling machines in poor communities. Buried halfway down the article is a quote from John Redwood MP, being perhaps a little too honest in terms of how he views the plebs.

John Redwood, the Conservative MP for Wokingham in Berkshire, which has three betting shops, said he had been surprised by the spread of bookmakers in poorer areas.

“I put it down to the fact that poor people believe there’s one shot to get rich. They put getting rich down to luck and think they can take a gamble,” he said.

“They also have time on their hands. My voters are too busy working hard to make a reasonable income.”

Seriously, he said that? Perhaps I’m immature, but I developed a mental image of him saying it while donning a top hat and monocle, perhaps while also sipping a cup of tea with his pinkie extended, and chortling loudly.

The Honourable Member for Wokingham, yesterday

Also, gotta love his distinction between “poor people” and  “my voters”.

For those of us with long enough memories, Mr Redwood was previously a member of John Major’s government. His tenure as Secretary of State for Wales was distinguished by his famous performance of the Welsh National Anthem.

These days, he’s co-chairman of the Conservative Party’s Policy Review Group on Economic Competitiveness. God help us all.