Some unfashionable opinions on the Glastonbury Festival

Over the past week, this blog has been rather quiet. This isn’t because I’ve dropped off the ends of the Earth – not quite, anyway. I’ve been volunteering at the Glastonbury Festival with the Oxfam Stewards, who raise money for charity by helping to run festivals across the UK, and who I can’t recommend enough. Continue reading

A Musical Merry Christmas from the Not So Big Society

Since starting this blog three months ago, it’d probably be fair say that we’ve been gloomy souls at times. So, to cheer you all up, here’s a delightful Christmas anthem from Gruff Rhys, entitled Post-Apocalypse Christmas.

The infrastructure lies in pieces, you got me through with hugs and kisses…


What are you all listening to this Christmas? Feel free to embed videos in the comments threads.