Daily Fail on Mental Illness

There’s an article from yesterday’s Daily Mail that’s been causing quite a bit of discussion on Twitter, particularly from Mark Brown (editor of One in Four magazine, which I can’t recommend highly enough), Dawn Willis and Ali Quant.

Before I link to the article, I should warn people that they’ve stuck a VERY triggery self-harm photo slap bang in the middle of it. If you’re okay to handle that, the article is here.

This may have been simply due to low expectations, due to it being not only in the Daily Mail but written by Harry Phibbs, but I was actually expecting this to be a lot worse. There’s a germ of a good article in here, trying to make a decent point about the need for a balance between inpatient and community provision of mental health services. There’s other worthwhile points about how voluntary sectory agencies can do a lot to help people with mental health problems to improve their quality of life. The trouble is, even when Phibbs is making a valid observation, his language and tone is so utterly hackneyed, antiquated and downright condescending that it ruins the points he’s making. I’m referring to language such as this:
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