Changing Adult Social Care – The Select Committee Reports

Yesterday after collecting both written and verbal evidence, the House of Commons Health Select Committee published their report into Social Care.

It makes very interesting reading and is written accessibly so I would highly recommend that anyone with an interest in this area reads the original but I wanted to pick up on some of the themes myself as there were such crucial issues raised.

The main theme I picked out (and you don’t have to be very astute to click with this one!) is the need for continued work towards integration – not only between health and social care which has become a bit of an old chestnut, but also with social housing.

The figures the report pulls out are that 50% of GP visits and 70% of hospital days are required by older adults as well as half housing association tenancies.
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To the Commons

Today the Welfare Reform Bill heads back to the Commons with a bloodied nose after a succession of defeats in the House of Lords. I’d like to think our elected representatives conduct themselves with as much dignity as their ennobled colleagues but have doubts considering the attention to the party whip seems to be more appealing than pleas of social justice.

Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

My disillusionment with Labour has increased through the process of this Bill through Parliament, not least their eagerness to jump on the idea of a benefits cap without thought of the realities that they create for families who face potential homelessness, people with disabilities who face castigation and poverty and the almost gleeful stigma of ‘being on benefits’ that they are happy to paint on millions who have no choice in the matter because there may be a handful who are caught in a trap of benefits. Continue reading