L’Affaire Littlefeet: Social Media and Inpatient Care

There’s been some debate sparked off by the Chaos and Control blog, which suddenly went private in the same week that it won Best PTSD/Extreme Stress Blog in the TWIM Awards. The author, Littlefeet, has since gone public again to announce the closure of her blog, and the reasons why.

I won’t bore you with the long story but the short story is that I was readmitted to hospital on 28 December and discharged today (3 January). On 29 December, I was notified by staff that my blog had come to their attention. Staff read through the archives and my phone was confiscated for 24 hours. I made a verbal agreement with staff that I would not blog while I was in hospital. Given that I wasn’t blogging about other patients and when specific staff were mentioned, they were anonymised, I felt this approach a bit heavy-handed. However, their argument was that patients who were more unwell than me could blog anything, regardless of the truth.

All of which begs the question: is it okay for patients on mental health wards to write blogs? And is it okay for the wards to stop them?
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