Cereal Killers, #FuckParade and why an easy target can sometimes be the wrong target

This blog has been a bit quiet lately, mainly thanks to my own laziness. I’ll get back on the job shortly, but in the meantime, let’s have one of my occasional off-topic rants. Don’t worry, it’s not about Eurovision this time.

Yesterday a movement, charmingly calling itself Fuck Parade (though I understand Class War are behind it) attacked the much-lampooned Cereal Killers Cafe in London, which is run by hipster twins. Because gentrification and housing prices and down with capitalism and something something stuff.

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Nurses to Teach David Cameron How to be a Smug, Careerist Tory

Following last week’s comments by David Cameron on nursing practice, a team of nurses has been set up to return the favour by showing him how to do his job.

Several surgical nurses have been despatched to a corporate function to ensure sufficient loud braying about stock options. Meanwhile, a health visitor will conduct hourly checks on the number of times Cameron mentions “benefit scroungers” while completely ignoring the Spartacus Report.

Some nurses expressed concern about the way Tories are being trained. One A&E nurse said, “We are seeing worrying moves away from the traditional training grounds of Eton, Oxbridge, then being parachuted into the life of a career politician, with maybe a stint in a PR consultancy or an investment bank. Some of the recent crop of Tories have actually had jobs in the real world. This undermining of standards simply won’t do.”
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