Cast your nominations for the #MindAwards 2014

Today the categories were announced for the Mind Media Awards, and you can nominate your favourite mental health voices to win.

Although most nominations cost £165 per nomination, there is no charge to nominate for the journalist, student journalist or blogger categories.

The blogger category seems to be replacing what was previously known as the Mark Hanson Award for Digital Media. In many ways I think that’s a shame, because there’s a lot of good stuff being done on other forms of social media (e.g. vlogs, Twitter) to talk about mental health. Then again, the winners from the last three years have all been blogs. In 2011, it was won by Confessions of a Serial Insomniac for her account of recovery from child sexual abuse and borderline personality disorder. In 2012 Mental Health Cop received the award for his detailed analyses of the intersection between policing and mental health. Purple Persuasion won in 2013 for her blog about recovery from bipolar disorder. Continue reading

L’Affaire Littlefeet: Social Media and Inpatient Care

There’s been some debate sparked off by the Chaos and Control blog, which suddenly went private in the same week that it won Best PTSD/Extreme Stress Blog in the TWIM Awards. The author, Littlefeet, has since gone public again to announce the closure of her blog, and the reasons why.

I won’t bore you with the long story but the short story is that I was readmitted to hospital on 28 December and discharged today (3 January). On 29 December, I was notified by staff that my blog had come to their attention. Staff read through the archives and my phone was confiscated for 24 hours. I made a verbal agreement with staff that I would not blog while I was in hospital. Given that I wasn’t blogging about other patients and when specific staff were mentioned, they were anonymised, I felt this approach a bit heavy-handed. However, their argument was that patients who were more unwell than me could blog anything, regardless of the truth.

All of which begs the question: is it okay for patients on mental health wards to write blogs? And is it okay for the wards to stop them?
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Vote in the 2011 This Week in Mentalists Awards

Back when I was running Mental Nurse, I set up the This Week in Mentalists Awards, an annual online event to celebrate the best of mental health blogging.

Mental Nurse may be no more, but the TWIM Awards are still happening, and you can all nominate your favourite mental health blogs, whether by patients, professionals, carers or academics.

Go here to cast your nominations.