Keeping safe from abuse during therapy – Unsafe Spaces publishes free resource

Today we publish our free guide, Keeping Safe During Counselling or Psychotherapy. It highlights some of the warning signs that a therapeutic relationship may be turning abusive. It also gives suggestions on how you can take action if you’ve experienced misconduct or abuse.

The guide is based on some of the misconduct cases that have been highlighted by this website, as well as from consultation and feedback kindly provided by a number of professionals and service users.

The guide is free to download, and comes in two versions – full and easy read. The full version is for people who want a detailed explanation for the thinking behind the advice. The easy read version is for those who just want the main points, given with as little jargon as possible.

Go here to download either version.

3 thoughts on “Keeping safe from abuse during therapy – Unsafe Spaces publishes free resource

  1. Thank you Amanda and all the others involved for the work you have put into this. Some kind of rewording does seem needed, to simplify things for the public, who as Phil says, will often be approaching counsellors in that state of incongruence and vulnerability described by Rogers.
    Personally I feel accreditation should denote some form of longer experience/training and the deeper reflection and growth that involves. For example I am working towards the Pink Therapy accreditation, which is many ways is similar to the BACP but with an LGBTQ specific focus. Given this I wonder if it would not be simplest to simply change to “senior member” reflecting in normal language the demands of the accreditation process?

    • Thank you for the feedback Karen. I think maybe your comment refers to the post on accreditation rather than this one on “Keeping Safe From Abuse During Therapy”? I agree that using a term such as “senior member” would help clear things up.

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