Website changes

As some of you may have noticed, some things have changed around here. Hopefully this will improve the focus and layout of the site.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Not So Big Society has been retitled Unsafe Spaces. The previous name seemed to fit well when it started as a health, social care and politics blog with multiple authors. It’s now just me blogging here, and the content has narrowed down to abuse in counselling and psychotherapy. Hence I’ve changed the name. There’s a brand spanking new domain name which I’ve just purchased. All previous posts should redirect to the new domain.

I’ve also changed my WordPress display name so it should now appear as “Phil Dore” rather than “Zarathustra”. This was a bit of a hangover from when I used to blog pseudonymously. Previous comments will still appear as Zarathustra.

The next step will be to separate the blog into two. Just lately I’ve been going off-topic a bit, at times talking about the Eurovision Song Contest and music festivals. I don’t think that sits very well with the therapy abuse content. Right now I’m working out how to create a separate blog for more personal stuff, and how to link that to the domain name as well.

Edited to add: And here’s my new personal blog for all the off-topic stuff: Have Pith Helmet, Will Travel.

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