New book project on abuse in counselling and psychotherapy

As the material on this blog has grown, I’ve started giving attention to something I’ve been idly considering for quite some time. I’m now writing a book on the topic of therapy abuse. I think it’s an important and difficult topic, and one that isn’t written about enough.

It won’t be simply a rehash of what’s on the blog. After all, why would anybody buy something you can just read on the Internet for free? At the moment I’ve completed two (very rough) chapter drafts. One on the Derek Gale case and one on gay-to-straight “conversion therapy”. At some point I hope to have a free sample chapter available online.

I won’t be approaching any publishers for the time being. Instead my initial step will be to self-publish it as an ebook. Yeah, yeah, vanity publishing and all that, but this is a rather niche area and I’m not convinced publishers would be all that interested.

I’d tell you all the title of the book, but I haven’t thought of one yet. Watch this space for (hopefully) more updates as the book progresses.

3 thoughts on “New book project on abuse in counselling and psychotherapy

  1. I really hope you send it out to publishers too. They’ll certainly be interested in the subject area – sad though it is, memoirs of abuse and trauma are far from being a ‘niche market’. And there is a huge interest in gender studies amongst US students, meaning that university publishers would have every reason to suggest your work for reading lists.

  2. I’m sure you realise, Z, that I am of the robust opinion that the scandal of unregulated therapy in the UK should have the light shone on it once and for all.

    I’m looking forward to this very important book being published.

  3. That sounds fantastic! I may or may not want to tell you my story, depending on my own legal constraints. I’m still learning my rights and will hopefully begin working with an advocacy group. I am not against getting help for mental issues: I have a fabulously competent psychiatrist. It was the psychotherapist I had the problems with.

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