The Magic Wand, or how to do multi-agency working in an age of austerity

As the cuts continue to bite, the various agencies that work with vulnerable children have become more and more stretched. Multi-agency working has become ever more difficult to achieve. Fortunately there is a standard letter, which I’ve seen increasingly in use by these agencies. Feel free to copy this letter and use it in correspondence between social services, CAMHS, GPs, schools, Youth Offending Services and voluntary agencies. Lots of other professionals already do.

Dear Partner Agency

We are aware that this child with complex needs is undergoing difficulties. Our agency has decided that a magic wand exists.

Our agency has decided that your agency possesses the magic wand. We know this because we haven’t asked you.

Our agency is of the view that it is the responsibility of your agency to deploy the magic wand. Despite only having a tenuous understanding of what resources you have, how you use them and what these resources can achieve, we are confident that your magic wand will resolve the problem.

Of course, we could call a multi-agency meeting and all discuss how we can work together to resolve the problem, but that would require time and effort. Fortunately there is no need to do this, because your agency has the magic wand.

Yours etc.


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