Why I’m being threatened with a libel lawsuit by a #UKIP activist

Earlier this week I tweeted a screenshot of some deeply unpleasant remarks by Marty Caine, an activist with the Poole branch of the UK Independence Party.



The screenshot promptly went quite spectacularly viral, with multiple retweets and repostings. It also got published by Hope Not Hate and the International Business Times. My Twitter Connect page didn’t calm down for a couple of days.

Since then Marty Caine has announced his intention to sue me for libel, along with Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate and Timur Moon of the International Business Times. He isn’t disputing that he said what was in the screenshot. However, he insists he was libelled because I stated that he had called Lee Rigby’s family idiots.

You see, he didn’t call them idiots. He simply stated that they believe the English Defence League are right-wing fascists, which is also believed by a lot of idiots.

If that makes no sense to you, then you’ve understood Mr Caine’s argument perfectly.

Anyway, since Mr Caine seems to believe I’ve taken him out of context, here’s a Storify of the full exchange. It’s rather long and very silly, but I think it doesn’t so much vindicate him as show him digging himself into a deeper hole. He also makes some spectacularly defamatory remarks about me along the way. Who is supposed to be suing who here?

Before anyone gets excited I should point out that I’ve yet to hear from Mr Caine’s lawyers. And frankly, I’d be very surprised if I actually do.

Mr Caine appears to be something of a colourful character, to say the least. I’m not entirely sure what his position is at Poole UKIP, though I understand that part of his role is to look after their social media. Which might explain exchanges like this:




[I should point out that I’m not entirely certain that it was Marty I was talking to there. Call it an educated guess.]

Marty also describes himself as a comedian, disc jockey, karaoke jockey and entertainer. He also runs a web design business, if you fancy getting yourself a website with a nostalgic “1998 Geocities” vibe.

While I’m certainly not frightened by Mr Caine’s legal threats, I will say this. Marty, to paraphrase what may well be part of your karaoke repertoire, this song ain’t about you. A couple of weeks ago a fine young man and a brave soldier was killed in the most appalling manner by a couple of deluded thugs. This tragic and terrible crime was then seized upon by far-right knuckledraggers to try to stir up hatred and attack Muslims. Drummer Rigby’s family, even in the depth of their grief, did not give in to hate. They reminded the world that their son had lived and worked with people all of all faiths and backgrounds, and would not want his memory being used to attack others. They are to be commended for saying that, and it speaks volumes about their strength of character.

So, Marty, give up on thinking you can sue people because you strongly implied something rather than said it in black and white. Instead, I suggest you reflect on why your words caused such outrage and offence, and offer an apology.



15 thoughts on “Why I’m being threatened with a libel lawsuit by a #UKIP activist

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  2. According to his “reasoning”,
    1. People who think the EDL is a fascist group are idiots
    2. The family of the murdered drummer think the EDL are fascist.
    Therefore – 3. His family are idiots.

    Personally I would be incline to make the argument more relevant by exchanging each occurrence of the word “idiot” for ” informed”

  3. I suppose that @Marty@ will also sue you for exposing his rational[sic] to the wider world?

  4. Looks pretty clear to me who’s behaving like an idiot, and a bully to boot — what is it with people who think threats of legal action are the best way to deal with what they perceive as a slight? *sigh*

  5. Let me make this very simple for you Phil, you deliberately twisted something that I tweeted because you thought it was funny to do so, I guess, You then created this blog…


    Please notice that you clearly stated that I called Lee Rigby’s family idiots, which I never did. That is libel, because at the time of publishing this you knew it to be a lie and the fact this was done deliberately to discredit me makes it possible for me to sue you for Malicious Falsehood, Maybe you should check with your solicitor. You have also stated that your lies went viral, well they didn’t really but I don’t mind agreeing with you on that in court

    If you truly believe I do not have a case then by all means do prove me wrong by providing your address details. I am now following you on Twitter so you can DM them to me.

    This way, you and your friends can all have a good laugh at me if you do not hear from a solicitor but considering the undue stress that you deliberately put my wife through over that weekend I would not bank on that. Also take into account, I am ex Army and was extremely disgusted at what happened to Lee Rigby and you used his murder as a means to have a pop at someone you do not know over the internet, I really can not think of any good reason why I shouldn’t, can you ?

    Enjoy your barbecue

    • Maybe, Marty, just maybe, you should think a little more before you tweet? It’s difficult to read that tweet as anything other than calling Lee Rigby’s family idiots — so rather than bulling it out and issuing threats against Phil Dore, you’d stand a better chance of winning friends and influencing people for the good by eating humble pie, difficult as that may be, issuing an apology, and deleting the offending tweet?

      • Maybe you should stick canal boats and christian book shops instead of giving people bad legal advice because you are certainly not helping him out in anyway at all.

      • I wouldn’t presume to offer anyone legal advice, Marty; but I can recognise bullying and belligerence when I see it…

    • As I think I may have mentioned, I’m not in the business of providing my address to people who want to post me an obviously-vexatious demand for damages.

      However, if you do go to the trouble, money and effort of tracking me down, do you mind if I point out something from the Storify of our exchange?

      It’s just that I noticed you haven’t apologised for or retracted any of the following incorrect statements and innuendos about me:

      1. That I’m a support of Unite Against Fascism, which is described by you as a nefarious organisation.

      2. That I think Michael Adebolajo is better than the English Defence League.

      3. That the reason I’m offended by the EDL is because they oppose the rape of 11 year old girls.

      When you speak to your solicitor, once he’s finished laughing at your supposed grounds for libel, do ask him if you’d be vulnerable to a counter-suit from me if you attempted to sue me.

      • Please do counter sue me Phil, if you can find any evidence of me taking something you said and using it elsewhere as a sole purpose to discredit you then you might also have a case on the grounds of malicious falsehood, if not you may have a bigger problem than you have already.

    • By the way Marty, I’ve just moved you into comment moderation.

      Ironically, this isn’t because of your legal threats against me, but because you posted content in violation of a court order in a comment to one of the other posts.

  6. This is great, quite amusing. Thank you to Dawn Willis for pointing me here.

    A libel case brought on the basis of a logical fallacy. Maybe the judge will reply “Well Marty, I think you’ll have to prove to me, beyond all doubt, that you exist before we can continue”.

    This Marty Caine guy comes across as a bit of a clown (is that libel? I’m sure he’ll think so) – I especially like that he’s taken pride in being blocked by Owen Jones. What a muppet.

  7. I, for one, shall take the hint and make sure that I never repeat any comments made by a UKiP member.

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