Gay Marriage Bill passes second reading, all straight people in UK instantly get divorced

With the news that the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill has passed its second reading, a shockwave has passed across the UK with the surprise news that all heterosexual couples in Britain have instantly divorced.

The housing market has been thrown into chaos due to the sheer volume of couples putting their homes on the market. Schools have described mass abandonments of children, and maternity services nationwide are reporting that new referrals have dropped to zero.

John and Debbie Longley of Totnes experienced events that have been repeated all over the country. “We’d set up a joint account to pool our finances, got ourselves a foothold on the property ladder. In a year or so’s time we would be getting ready to have our first child,” explained Mr Longley. “Then the news came on the TV that gay marriage had passed. Suddenly, it all just seemed so….meaningless.”

Mr Longley then turned to his now ex-wife and sighed, “You’re nothing to me now.”

Mrs Longley concurred, “I suppose I just have to get used to these new realities and consider my future options. I’m contemplating bestiality.”

Social affairs experts admitted being stunned by the turn of events. “All the warnings by opponents of gay marriage just sounded so daft,” said one leading sociologist. “Heterosexual marriages being undermined…A breakdown of values and norms…Nigel Farage actually being right about something. It seemed totally implausible.”

The news has also resulted in severe traffic delays across Britain. The Highways Agency report that this is because it’s raining men.




4 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Bill passes second reading, all straight people in UK instantly get divorced

  1. What a fuss and what a waste of time and money ,when most people just don’t care one way or the other……(no pun intended)

  2. Hallelujah – if, as you say Zarathustra, it’s raining men. Rather than it’s men reigning. Sounds good to me. Sad that there were far too many vocal men bellowing in that Common House and far too few women with lungs full enough to scream and shout. Long way to go yet …. in that Common House.

  3. Brilliant: ROFL; and it’s probably the first time I’ve laughed at anything to do with this. Now the likes of me (being a member of the C of E) need to push for the next step in full equality for LGBT people: the right, for those who want it, to marry in their parish church. And disestablishment of the C of E wouldn’t go amiss either, to prevent their Episcopal Lordships holding undue influence over due governmental process.

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