Death Pathway 2: Return of the Controversy

I originally published a post on the LCP in November 2012 before the independant review was announced, but I think the content still stands so I’m going to keep thing updated in light of recent developments.

All the outrage about the LCP that I reported about in November 2012 has now led to the independent review of the LCP. Chaired by crossbench peer Baroness Julia Neuberger, the Department of Health states that the remit of the review will include:

[…]the experience and opinions of patients and families; the experience and opinions of health professionals; hospital complaints; local payments made to hospitals in respect of the LCP; and the literature about benefits and limitations of the Liverpool Care Pathway.

The DH states that the review panel will be made up of a range of interested parties, and will be chaired by Baroness Neuberger. They will hold a number of evidence sessions, invite written submissions, as well as hosting a session dedicated exclusively to hearing personal stories from families.

There are a few things I hope will be taken into account. I hope that the evidence submitted is more balanced than the coverage the topic has been receiving in the media. I hope that there will be proper weighting of religious opinion against medical opinion. The panel is scheduled to report around the summer recess to report.

I’ll be keeping an eye on things, but I don’t expect the same amount of coverage as LevesonSome how I don’t think death is considered sexy compared to hacking celebs phones.

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