A Critical Christmas

Christmas is on the critical list -yes really! The one thing our lives (in the UK anyway)  that never changes is currently on the brink of collapse with the threat of a DNR hanging over it. I hear hospital wards are not being allowed to put decorations up, school concerts cannot be in any way religious and staff  are working over the festive period without any back up or support from their managers who obviously take it as a god given right to a holiday.

Out of all the holidays we can and do take throughout the year  Christmas is the one that we all commit to take to be nice to each other, to buy gifts for each other and to spend time with each other. We all value  the spirit of Christmas whatever our religious beliefs if we have any and look forward to the traditional celebration and expectancy (or hope) of new life, in nature and time.

If Christmas dies so does the hope and recovery of a society that we once knew and cherished. Not the society that is over indulgent and selfish but the society that looked out for one another, that gave the endless gifts of time and love and could actually show that we cared about one another.

Please be alert for signs of deterioration over the holiday period (including the virtual world) and if your hear people shutting down for the festive period please resuscitate stat.

7 thoughts on “A Critical Christmas

  1. Most people I have come across do not relish Christmas specifically, unless they are church attenders. Most like a holiday and some use it to contact those they have not seen or heard from for a long time- usually through cards. We all like gifts and to be remembered at a time when people experience greater loneliness thinking others are not alone.

    Many families do not enjoy their get together for a meal, as old feuds start to bubble to the surface- often under the influence of alcohol. Many older people share their day with strangers in institutions of some kind, if they are not alone at home.

    Hardly any children today feel the magic of a belief in father Christmas coming down the chimney with gifts (some of us did experience such magic long ago when gifts were just that, not demands).

    As to care for each other, those who love do not stop caring to spend precious time wih others- we only have this one chance of life and relationships. Those who don’t love but go through the motions…well we see the state of ‘society’.

    Hope is an illusion as it stops one from right action right now. A long life brings a different perspective. Life was not always ‘rosy’ but it was more libertarian and we were not policed unless we committed a criminal offence. How very different is life in the UK today with its plethora of laws to stop bad behaviours, as if that actually works when humans discard each other and one holds power over the other. Yes there are individual acts of kindness at times… but more acts of indifference or cruelty.

  2. oh dear I take it that you will not be attempting to resuscitate Christmas this year then Edna. I do not think that hope is an illusion though how could it be? it is a very interesting thought though?

  3. Actually just had the ‘once a year ‘lunch’ with family. X-mas day itself means nothing.

  4. I am not religious I encourage alittle magic in our home for the kids and choose to create traditions around caring love and kindness ! If you want to see those values then use them
    I think so I agree ! We take gifts every yr to the emergency services to say thanku for looking after us at Christmas 🙂 that is goodwill and worth more than any present 🙂 we also practice random acts of kindness 🙂 I see nothing wrong in encouraging goodwill and togetherness

    • The challenge to each of us is not to need any particular time of the year to display acts of care and kindness, but to have this integral to every one of our actions. But the human race has not ‘moved’ psychologically in this ‘direction during the course of evolution.

      Yes there are acts of care and kindness, I too, rarely, do see them in individuals who have this as an inherent part of who they are. But most purported acts are mere ego trips, unfortunately.

  5. I agree with you there Edna it should be a time to be kind that extends across the whole year. It is also a gentle reminder however of our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and society. I like to use it as a reflective period which I am concerned that I/we may not do if it was not there.

    • But is it not an effective reminder for some of us and if acts of kindness are seen by others as ego trips is that not the cynical attitude we want to avoid. You are right people do things for self and we all should look beyond one day. But if for a short time just afew people think about giving and kindness is that not better than not at all…

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