3 thoughts on “A terrible week for nursing

  1. Anyone can make mistakes but nobody in the nursing or any other profession should lack kindness and compassion.Those are the things the public decry with constant tales of helpless patients starving,lying for days in their own vomit and waste products,or screaming with pain and being ignored by nurses chattering to each other or watching tv.Once upon a time there would have been a formidable matron who would have handed out instant dismissals to such miscreants. Happier days……….

  2. Having just dealt with ward staff’s ‘care’ of elder with formal complaint I have no doubt that individuals are not entirely blameless. This is about collective and personal accountability to those who lack ”voice and are powerless’.

    The kindest person on the ward was a health care assistant who had nursed a dying mother at home after requesting being allowed to do so. If all nursing staff recruited were up to this person’s kindness and niceness we would not need ‘safeguards’ against ‘professionals.

    As to Jacinda- It is a real tragedy for her family.. The radio station staff involved, and MSM in general, have much to learn about how their actions can be harmful to individuals who do not deserve this.This applies of course also to the behaviours of many individuals in the health and care sectors. We have self deceiving ‘professions,’.

  3. we do indeed Edna and it is a timely reminder for all professionals to stand up and be counted or divided and ruled?

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