Dissent among the ‘child-stealing’ tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists

We had some “interesting” responses to this blog post in which I highlighted the wild conspiracy claims by people like Brian Gerrish and Chris Jarvis. They seem to believe that social services, the police, the courts, CAFCASS, CAMHS and a whole slew of other agencies are involved in systematic removal of children into care. Not for child protection reasons, but in order to make money.

Having been involved in quite a few child protection cases, I actually find the proposal pretty laughable. Not only is the removal of a child a complex and difficult process, both legally and logistically, but some of the agencies supposedly in conspiracy together actually have quite dysfunctional relations with each other.

Brian Gerrish seems to have been touting this theory for some time. For reasons I’ve yet to fathom, he suggests it all involves a company called Common Purpose. Gerrish appears to believe it’s part of a conspiracy to use neuro-linguisitic programming to control the levers of power. Personally it looks to me like a slightly drippy provider of management courses for New Labour and David Brent types, but then maybe I’m just a dupe of the One World Government. I understand Mr Gerrish denies supporting the BNP, but from browsing various BNP blogs, they seem rather keen on him.

Recently he’s been teaming up with Chris Jarvis, whose children have been removed into the care of the local authority. His response to this was to mount a private prosecution against Leeds City Council for genocide. Mr Jarvis seems to be part of a movement that I’ve only recently heard of called the Freemen on the Land. To understand these “Freemen” a bit more clearly, here’s a segment from Rationalwiki.

Freemen believe they can declare themselves independent of government jurisdiction using the concept of “lawful rebellion”: that all statute law is contractual and therefore only applicable if an individual consents to it. They assert that what everyone else regards as “the law” doesn’t apply to them as they have not consented to a contract with the state,[4] even going so far as to claim they have a lawful right to refuse arrest if they do not consent. They insist that the government is a corporation, are obsessed with maritime law, and call themselves things like “John of the family Smith.” Essentially, they’re hilarious and somewhat less threatening sovereign citizens.

No freeman arguments have ever succeeded in court; some have even explicitly ruled that the term “freeman on the land” has no legal significance when the argument is raised.[5] Actually using the arguments gets people into worse trouble, including fines, asset seizures, contempt convictions and criminal records. However, this doesn’t stop freemen from claiming, without any supporting cases, that the arguments work.

With that in mind, it’s perhaps understandable that his prosecution for genocide was struck out on the spot as soon as it saw the light of an actual courtroom. But then that’s the trouble with going around saying you don’t believe in the law. Put that argument before the court, and you’ll quickly discover the law believes in you.

So, how’s their campaign going?

It looks like in the last couple of weeks they’ve had something of a falling-out. On Jarvis’ blog he publishes an e-mail conversation in which Jarvis accuses Gerrish of secretly being part of Common Purpose, and of being “a demon, a FREEMASON, and infact a man of DISHONOUR.” Gerrish in turn furiously denies the suggestions.


Very disappointed to see you trying to claim that I am Common Purpose.
Laughable and makes you look silly.

Not sure what your agenda is Chris but I am very disappointed in you
that as a victim of the system you attack others who are trying to help.

rgds Brian G


Jarvis goes ballistic back at him…

There is so much more, and so many people you have let down I cannot be bothered really going in to it all, but it is interesting that you only ever reply to people when it is for your COMMON PURPOSE.

We are all entitled to make the odd mistake here and there when seeking the truth, my mistake was trusting you at face value.

Everything you have purported to have stood up for like freedom of speech, you have in fact tried your best in a reverse FREEMASON style to undo, take for example your introduction of the thought crime “TROLL” not discriminating between abuse and constructive criticism in your labeling and judging of others

There’s more on Jarvis’ blog, if you have any particularly interest in reading incoherent rants in capital letters.

Oh well, as you reap so shall you sow. Mr Gerrish, you hitched your wagon to someone comes across as deeply paranoid, and presented him to the media as some sort of crusader and legal expert. And now he appears to have turned you. I can’t say I feel much sympathy.

9 thoughts on “Dissent among the ‘child-stealing’ tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists

  1. Rattling your stick along the bars of the cage again, Z? I think this one-star movie will go straight to TV and may well not make DVD. These guys do go on and on and on until they finally fall over backwards, still in full rant mode. The irony is Jarvis clearly needs help, which he’d refuse as being part of the grand conspiracy. If he started on about the CIA controlling him through the TV set I wouldn’t be surprised. Incidentally, he has accused the statutory authorities of removing children in order to rent them out to paedophiles. What I think that may refer to is the exploitation of adolescents in care by taxi drivers and the slowness of DI Plod to respond adequately and in time (an old story).

  2. You are so funny with your pathetic attempts at journalism, you have no integrity, you hide behind a fake name and print lies and pathetic rants revolving around your pathetic career, turning down the offer of a live debate on the radio, you are everything that I expect from a social worker, keep it up, you are making me look good to the masses!

  3. [Link removed due to video footage of a vulnerable child]

    • Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z

    • I’ve removed the link in Chris’ comment as it contains footage of a child being removed under an Emergency Protection Order. With all due respect, I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to parade such footage around the internet.

      Incidentally, the video contains 47 minutes of Chris ranting pseudo-legal mumbo-jumbo of the variety that the Freemen claim gets you out of all kinds of legal difficulties, but which immediately fails when they try to use it with actual courts and police officers. It didn’t work this time either. That’s 47 minutes of my life I won’t get back.

  4. Brian has helped many families and attended the secret family courts. He does not condemn all social workers but is aware of problems up and down the country and pretending they don’t exist is sick and shameful !. I think its possible that Racist peoples took notice of Brians group because sadly UK Column does sound dodgy but its a newspaper. Please talk with Brian and You will see he is a calm, rational, intelligent, hardworking and caring retired Naval officer. He has no idea that I am commenting here about him but I feel there are plenty of wasters out there to take the piss out of but please stop attacking him because he’s doing a damn good job and if he quit due to abuse, a lot of families will lose out of his dedicated support. ! ! !

    • Er, there are no dodgy newspapers, is that what you’re saying? I’ve known many dodgy people, some of them in jail now, provide constructive help for families in distress; it’s part of setting up as an alternative to elected bodies by gaining local popularity. In any case, the main thrust of this thread has been about the serious accusations made by the paranoid and ranting Chris Jarvis. Incidentally, I’m not a social worker bur a retired mental health nurse (amongst other things) and I, too, am an ex-serviceman (the RAF in my case). Not that it’s my thread but I take responsibility for what I’ve written and for supporting the estimable Zarathustra. 😉

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