Submit your favourite bloggers and tweeters for the Mind Media Awards

On the 13th July nominations close for the Mind Media Awards. Bloggers, vloggers and tweeters can be nominated by you lot to win the Mark Hanson Digital Media Award. Last year it was won by TWOM co-editor Pandora for her Confessions of a Serial Insomniac blog, and in 2009 another Madosphere regular, Seaneen Molloy, won Best Radio Drama for her Radio 4 play, Do’s and Don’ts for the Mentally Interesting.

Both Pandora and Seaneen richly deserved their awards, though I may be biased in saying that since they’re both friends of mine. That said, the Mind Awards also alerted me to some new media figures who I hadn’t heard of before. Beckie0’s trichotillomania YouTube vlogs won the Comic Relief Speaking Out award in 2011, and I’ve been a firm fan of her videos ever since.



I know some people have criticised Mind for running a media awards ceremony, and suggested it’s all a bit glitzy and corporate. My own view of this is that we do need good portrayals of mental health in the media, and one way to encourage that is reward and recognise those that are created. Lord knows there’s been enough bad portrayals over the years.

I’ve submitted a nomination in the Digital Media category. I won’t say who I’ve nominated, other than it’s not any website that I work on. Feel free to submit your favourites too.

One thought on “Submit your favourite bloggers and tweeters for the Mind Media Awards

  1. Winner submitted. 😉

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