Betraying vulnerable young people

The more I listen to the unpleasant guff that comes out of David Cameron’s mouth, the more I’m convinced that he just doesn’t get what it’s like to be poor. He and his old Etonian chums have never had to live on the breadline, and I suspect don’t know many people who have. It’s simply another world to them.

If my assumption is correct, it might go some way to explaining his latest brainspew which is a proposal to scrap housing benefit for the under 25s, on the grounds that they can just move back in with their parents if they fall on hard times.

Well, yes, that’s what people are able to do, yes? Just clear out one of the spare rooms. Maybe ask one of the servants to move out? Or perhaps let young Tarquin borow the summer retreat for a while. It’s what all the everyday folk have the capacity for, eh what?

Sarcasm aside, what on earth does Cameron think these young people will do if their parents, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t support them? Apparently the proposal will have exemptions for special cases, such as people fleeing domestic violence. No doubt people claiming such exemptions will be treated every bit as fairly as those trying to claim disability benefits.

Go to a homeless hostel? Most of them charge rent, which they expect residents to pay by claiming housing benefit. Where else are they likely to go? A cardboard box in an alleyway seems the most likely answer.

There’s been a fairly sensible response from Liam Byrne, the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, who points out some of the pitfalls.

This is a hazy and half-baked plan when we need a serious back to work programme for young families.

“Many young families with their first foot on the career ladder will be knocked off if help with their rent is taken away. And young families that want to work won’t be able to move where the jobs are.

“The way to get the spiralling benefits bill down is start getting young people and young families back to work.

Cameron has said that he won’t try to implement this until after the next election, presumably because the Lib Dems would be likely to hit the roof if he tried it now. Or possibly this could be a bit of mouthwash to play to his base of pig-ignorant right-wing bigots, rather than a serious policy suggestion.

Either way, if he’s saying this won’t be done until he wins the general election, you know what to do, eh?

9 thoughts on “Betraying vulnerable young people

  1. Happy to say I’ve never voted Tory, and am now even more committed to never doing so. Regret that I did vote LibDem last time around thereby contributing to their current power base 😦

  2. Even posters on e-goat, RAF Unofficial Rumour Website (where I’m Flybynight, BTW), have taken to spelling Our Beloved PM’s name “Camoron”. Steve Bell, cartoonist in the ‘Grauniad’, always portrays him wearing a condom on his head. Leaving aside tasteless jibes about DC’s family, pretty please, what I want to know is whether said cranial condom is a metaphor of ineffectuality or whether it merely holds his head together (or maybe both). Aha, I know! It holds the ineffectual coalition together! Of course!

  3. Funnily enough I found the Army Rumour Service (ARRSE) an equally enlightened forum. Also, as someone else pointed out, does this benefit restriction apply to a 24 year old, having just left the army after 6 years of (possibly active) Service?

    The Eton Mess has splatted all over the Kingdom.

    • It’s not so much the 24 year-old ex-pongo who’s being shafted this time (there’s nowhere like ARRSE for graphic language which would automatically be asterisked and might earn you an email of rebuke from Wobbly, webmaster of e-goat). The lovely people at the Ministry of Defence have sent out redundancy notices to soldiers to take effect the day before they qualify for a pension, thus alienating much of the core support Camerrhoid needs quite apart from the injustice and possible family poverty. There’s a campaign building on e-goat, led by one FOMz [Flight Operations Manager], to make the so-called ‘military covenant’ enforceable in law. No doubt ARRSE and Rum Ration, aka Navy Net, will do the same.

    • Ahhh, Menshn. Sort of like Twitter, except where you can only talk about the sort of thing that Louise Mensch thinks you should be talking about.

      And the appeal of that is what exactly?

  4. Looking on the bright side, this has to be a real vote-winner for Labour – unless he’s planning to change the voting age to 26 before the next Gen Election?

    • Assuming our gormless Leader of the Opposition has woken up by then and not put both legs through the same trouser leg on Election Day…

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