Why the NHS will always be a Political Football

Today a member of the government on the radio said that the NHS should not be a political football how wrong can he get? The NHS has always been a political football because it is what this nation holds dear as our core of humanity. Without the NHS we would have less work, poorer living conditions, poor health and social care, more isolation, homelessness and poverty. What will it take for politicians to realise that it is not the business world that is keeping our economy afloat (or not) but our healthcare service which is one of the biggest employers in the country. Much of our country may not be very good on the industrial side now that all our industries have been farmed out to other countries, where the health and social care is less favourable shall we say. But we are very industrious at taking care of ourselves and making sure that we look after our bodies so that we can work. We could not do this without the NHS and for all its faults it is the engine that keeps this country running from the staff, to patients, to suppliers, to tax payers and managers, we all have an important role to play in this political game. For many people in the UK our lives depend on the NHS in many ways and it is for that reason it will always be a political football. Today, the tactic of excluding people from discussions who are not ‘constructively engaged’ is the same as in any game, they are simply picking the ball up and not playing anymore.

One thought on “Why the NHS will always be a Political Football

  1. On the Guardian website today:

    Prof John Ashton, county medical officer for Cumbria, received a letter from his PCT last week after he joined 22 other signatories to a letter in a national newspaper criticising Lansley’s health and social care bill. The letter read: “You are bound by the NHS code of conduct and as such it is inappropriate for individuals to raise their personal concerns about the proposed government reforms.” Ashton will have to “explain and account” for his actions at the hearing.

    I hadnt heard of John Ashton, so a quick googling was in order. No wonder they dont like him. A man who speaks his mind in defence of vital public services?, dear dear we can’t have that in todays NHS. So man whose contribution to public health in the North of England has been enormous will be told off like a naughty schoolboy by a pack of bureacrats.

    I dont work for the NHS so Ive never read the NHS Code of conduct. However it’s nasty command and control management style is creeping into social services. Maybe I will take a look but I wonder if it was intended to be used like this. How does defending the NHS from destruction amount to a breach of a code of conduct? Lansley’s bill is not even law yet. Free speech is really in trouble in this country. I hope 38 Degrees will take it up.

    Lansley claimed he hadn’t heard of the case when challenged by Ed Miliband. Maybe it is true, I dont suppose you have to do your own hands on bullying when you have a pack of self serving crawlers to do it for you

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