An Invite to Rod Liddle

Some typical disabled people

Rod Liddle’s Sun column today is repulsive even by his standards.

Also, I am nothing if not a creature of fashion, a cool and with-it hipster, daddio, who is always up to date with the latest trends.

And being disabled is incredibly fashionable. The number of people who claim to be disabled has doubled in the past ten years.

And who can blame them? Not only do you get money from the Government and don’t have to go to work – but if you play your cards right you might get one of those badges that lets you park wherever you want. Right in front of the cashpoint, for example. And you can use those enormous toilets with levers and handgrips and emergency buzzers they have in all public places, without feeling too guilty about it.

You know what, Rod? I think you need to put your money where your mouth is. You want to be disabled? I cordially invite you to disable yourself. Saw your own legs off. Blind yourself with a spork. Binge-drink until your liver and kidneys are comprehensively wrecked…Oh wait, you were probably doing precisely that when you wrote this drivel. Live the dream, enter the fashion set and actually become disabled.

And then you’ll be cool.


4 thoughts on “An Invite to Rod Liddle

  1. Cannot believe that this guy gets paid to write this stuff – where is his moral responsibility ?

    • He’s got a lot of form in this regard – making racist or Islamophobic comments in the media. He also got caught making racist remarks on a Millwall FC fan forum.

      He was going to be made editor of the Independent at one point, but they changed their minds due to threats of a boycott by the readers.

  2. If you’d consent to an eye transplant, a mouth transplant and a feet transplant and a bone removed from your nose… O and I almost forgot, a slap round the face for good measure, be, my, guest! I volunteer to make you disabled so I can finally, have my Tennis career I have always wanted. Thank you muchly!

  3. Even for him, this is astonishing. He knows the reaction it will provoke but still wrote it, just for the satisfaction of winding a few people up and the comfort of a bank account lined with his fat fee from the Sun, which of course would not be forthcoming if he wrote anything remotely reasonable or well-informed.

    Vile, cowardly and low. I usually like to respond to what people say, not who they are. In this case, the description applies to the words and the man.

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