Don’t Cut ‘Me’ Out

The following is a bit of a rant and a ramble through current health and social care provision based solely on individual experience but I thought I would share it with you anyway.

If I don’t have a care plan…………………………..
If I don’t have a care plan I don’t have individual needs
If I don’t have individual needs I do not have a choice
If I don’t have a choice I do not have a voice
If I don’t have a voice I am not empowered
If I am not empowered I am not valued
If I am not valued I am not a human being
If I am not a human being I am merely an animal
If I am merely an animal I have been dehumanised
If I have been dehumanised I am not very far from being abused
If I am being abused then I am being neglected
If I am being neglected then I or my needs don’t exist
If I don’t exist then it is possible that I have physically and/ or spiritually died
If I don’t exist is the only valid reason for not having a care plan.

15 thoughts on “Don’t Cut ‘Me’ Out

  1. Three and a half years I’ve been with the Cambridgeshire Learning Disability Partnership – my Care Plan still isn’t finished…

  2. well Socrates at least you have a care plan but I am wondering what have the services been doing for the last 3 years while you have been waiting for your care plan to be completed*~*

    • They’ve put down some lovely new carpet in the office. The Union managed to get them some new chairs, too, and they’ve finally got a viable system for Tea and Coffee receipts. And they’ve cut my budget by 60%.

      • I’m so sorry they’ve failed you.

      • Here’s something to encourage them to care: surruptitiously spill water and mustard’n’cress seed on their lovely new carpet last thing on Friday afternoon; ring up on Monday to enquire how it’s getting on. If they get shirty, ask them what else do they expect if you’re left to fester for three years, it’s a wonder you can visit them at all, they should be grateful for your eco sculpture, it’ll be worth something one day.

  3. care plans or recovery plans as we call them now are only valuable if they are a working fluid document, things change minute to minute for some so having a review 6 monthly or yearly as stated by the CPA is not good enough , also should be completed in partnership with service user (and carer / family / supporter if given permission by service user, not always possible to do in partnership but if not then it is in danger of being paternalistic.

    • *…or recovery plans as we call them now…*

      A distinct whiff of managerial spin there, surely? Recovery can’t be predicted like that, we’re not operating a sausage machine. Anyway, how does somebody “recover” from learning diability?

  4. Yep – I can relate to this – I haven’t had a Care Plan for years; and because of this, there is no official route to go down should I go into crisis, which I did before October this year. We literally had no-one to call; and I was eventually told to eat some hot soup and see my GP. This formed part of a serious complaint during my resolution meeting in November 2011, and I’ve only just been sent the minutes from that meeting – after they sent them to an address I haven’t lived at for over five years – having moved three times in the interim… To add fuel to the fire, there are no timelines for any of the action points that came up (and there were loads of those), and guess what – despite now being on meds, having some sort of personality disorder, an eating disorder and a history of self-harm / suicide – I still don’t have a fucking care plan, and see my shrink for the last time on the 25th of this month. After that, no support – except an appointment in February with the quack. Nice job NHS. Nice job. And they wonder why they have a revolving door issue with mental health patients?….


    • I think we should start a campaign! All the social policy stuff churned out by government departments say people should have a personalised care plan but who checks and who actually cares????

      • @puffles2010 on Twitter is quite au fait with the System and could probably point your question into a particularly soft part of the Underbelly of the Government.

  5. I’ve never had a care plan. And the only time any allusion was ever made to the idea that such things even exist in the world was when the Crisis team in January 2010 suggested that if I wanted their input I’d have to write one myself, of course they never did get back to me on that one.

    There has never been any mention of planning care at all though, because there’s never any discussion that I might actually need “care” (whatever exactly that would mean).

    Certainly I’ve been told that any support needs I have, I need to find a way of meeting myself because that is not what the NHS or social services are for…

  6. @bristolMichael Ah! I’m glad we’ve bumped into each other. There was a bit of a scattering effect when that Ginger Tornado rolled into the, umm… Other Place.

    All better now, save for her failing to pay my legal bill, before high-tailing it back to California.

    I’ll mention the unfinished paperwork at the SOVA conference next week. So far, the Police are the sanest people in my life. And that’s quite something to say living around here.

    • Are we having to refer to Mental Nurse as The Other Place now?

      The first rule of Mental Nurse is you do not talk about Mental Nurse.

      The second rule of Mental Nurse is you do not talk about….Oh wait, I already said that. The second rule of Mental Nurse is no smoking.


      • The first rule of Dr****WillShrinkYou is you do not talk about the Ginger (really? All over?) Tomato, er, Tornado.

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