The (Political) Spirit of Christmas and New Year

As we all begin to relax following the stressful build up to yet another Christmas – yes it comes around quicker every year, sometime in-between celebrations many of us might ponder a while on the meaning of the whole event. It would be a very brave if not fully certified miserable person who would refuse to waste money that they probably have not got on the commercial ideologies of the festive period. What is it exactly that we are celebrating this year? The birth of a new (way of) life, or the growth of a society that cares more about owning the latest gadget/toy than where they are going to find the money for the next fuel/food bill.

Of course getting into the spirit of Christmas means giving something of ourselves to others in celebration of life but when did this centre on money as the sole exchange? For many people time is the most important gift and honesty, both of which cost nothing. However in a society that cares very little for people (care workers being some of the lowest paid/trained people in the country) and more about power, then people will always be at the bottom of the giving list.

What spirit is this that takes from the poor to maintain the rich and how have we all been conned into going along with it. We all want the best for our families but we also have to consider at what cost. Without consideration it could cost us all not only our health but also our spirit of mind in choosing what we would really like to do with our time and generosity.

We do not see the politicians or the bankers encouraging us to stop spending and start sharing. That would do the economy no good at all. They need us to spend but at the same time they want to cut our income in interest rates and taxes. The stress of finding ourselves in this paradoxical situation leads to ill health and unhealthy lifestyles. Some people just give in and become sick and tired and too worn out to carry on fighting to improve services etc. Others become ‘I’m all right Jacks’ unable to care for anyone else but themselves in an attempt to prevent the burnout they can feel looming.

Even more maddening making changes is not always about power or money. Valuing people, genuinely showing an interest in them and their families, getting to know them, their strengths and weaknesses can all lead to a stronger, happier, healthier workforce. Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive is the most important task for us all for the future. That way we will all be looking forward to next Christmas and new year in eager anticipation of catching up with family and friends and spending and giving time wisely and more healthy, not just for each of us but for the whole world.

2 thoughts on “The (Political) Spirit of Christmas and New Year

  1. Hi Politicanurse. Thanks for this – and Welcome to the Not So Big Society. 🙂

  2. sadly true and given the demographic reality of our ageing population and the burden in store, caring for others will have to become routine again, even the pre- coalition cuts, the care system will not be there as it could/should so people will ether die miserably or society as a whole will need to start caring again

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