Daily Mail Autism Sweepstake

And so the Daily Mail continues its mission to troll the entire nation…Today, they ask,

Is the changing role of women in our society behind the rise in autism in the past 30 years?

Oh well, I suppose it makes a change from vaccines.

There then follows what looks to me like a pretty flagrant misreading of a theory by Simon Baron-Cohen. The Mail’s idea is that brainy men are marrying other brainy women instead of some pretty simpering girl, and because brainy = autism, they’re producing autistic babies.  If that  sounds completely ridiculous to you, then you’ve understood it perfectly.

So, let’s have a sweepstake. What will the Daily Mail announce as the cause of autism next? The BBC? Irish travellers? People who live in Islington? Give your suggestions in the comments thread. Whoever predicts the right answer (or alternatively, whoever comes up with the funniest answer) will be declared the winner.


4 thoughts on “Daily Mail Autism Sweepstake

  1. bet the Fail will revisit this to blame autism on benefit cheats after the BMW lifestyle afforded by DLA

  2. People are deliberately ‘being autistic’ to get benefits of course.

  3. Autism causes cancer. Or vice versa. You’ve got to admit, it’s the only logical conclusion.

    Related: If you ever want to expose yourself to a tumbling torrent of stupid, ignorant, narrow-minded, bigoted, hate-filled vomit, read the comments on pretty much any Daily Mail article, but especially one about autism.

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