3 thoughts on “Mind Media Awards

  1. Survivors and allies blogging,or using Youtube is fine but I cannot comprehend how Casualty and Holby often end up getting Mental Health Media Award nominations when they convey the worst story lines on mental health which either defy belief – large private rooms with Charge Nurse Charlie bringing you your breakfast, consultant happy to talk at any time [natch], and Occupational Health seemingly quite easily reinstating a doctor who attempted to drill holes in a patients head in the on-call room. This is all washed down with standard medical model line that everyone is just fine taking the ‘right’ medication regularly. Then in Holby we get the nasty BPD stereotypes trotted out making the characters look dangerous or pathetic, nice one. The script writers should be bloody well $£&^%*&*^
    And relax….

    • I did raise an eyebrow at the way Charlie Fairhead seems to do absolutely everything on the psych ward, but then even before he moved over to MH he always seemed to be single-handedly running the A&E.

      Truly, he is the Chuck Norris of nursing.

  2. I preferred ER where helicopters would crash into the department and every other patient required rib spreaders when it first started, resuscitation musically punctuated with the samba drums.Then the surgeons crashing through the doors saying ‘Ok people lets notify the O-R!’ jumping on top of the patient as they were wheeled out straddled across them doing CPR, or ‘The young doctors’ where the nurses wore hats you could go hang gliding in – but I still harbour an affection for staff nurse Megan..whilst crying with laughter at how paramedic Josh had Every Known Tragedy to Man happen to him.
    They just all need to avoid doing mental health because they are so crap at it

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